• Kory wanted to build a CrossFit gym in Arizona. He came to General Steel with a vision and with the help of our design team, Kory designed and opened Bion Crossfit in his hometown.

    • "General Steel showed me how I could own a space tailored to the needs of my business and for less than renting."

    • "I'll tell you, this building from General Steel is exactly what Raccoon Creek needed, I wouldn't change a thing. It was very professionally done by General Steel."

    • "We have a sheet metal shop, offices and warehouse. We also decided to purchase a steel building from General Steel so we could start maintaining our fleet of 90 vehicles on site."

    • "With this building we have our office, warehouse, maintenance and field people here. It basically gave us a base which is what we needed to really succeed."

    • "We are certainly proud of our General Steel building. 100 years from now our wood frame house will have problems, but our General Steel building won't!"

    • "Five stars does not seem to be enough for General Steel. Ryan Clark gave us recommendations. It was a big project, but with all the help, it went smoothly."

    • "Take it from a successful entrepreneur, if you need to expand or start a new business, you need General Steel.

    • "Delivery and fabrication was perfect! Permitting was a bit difficult but the guys at General Steel assisted and made it happen. Looking back, this project was a great success."

    • First Council Casino needed to choose the right structure for their multi-use facility. View the finished casino building & learn why they chose General Steel for the job.

    • When the University of Central Florida wanted to upgrade to an indoor football facility, they turned to General Steel to complete the project. Learn why!

    • "This building was built by myself and my wife. We hired one man to help with the roof. I made all the weldments for the foundation, the concrete was finished by a contractor."


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